Board Management Tools are digital tools that help leaders maintain governance standards and enhance board performances. They can eliminate the hassles of scheduling meetings as well as streamline the creation of board books and distribution, and aid to keep accurate minutes. These tools also allow board members to prepare and review their documents before meetings, enabling them to focus more time on meaningful discussion. They also help with any action items that arise during the meeting and beyond.

It is essential to discuss with other board members before choosing the best solution. It is important to learn about the specific needs of each board member and workflows. This will ensure that the process is a success and the tool will not disrupt normal operations. Furthermore, it is important to determine any possible cultural conflicts that may arise when making changes to software.

The ideal solution should allow for a seamless transition between traditional methods and their digital counterpart. It should have a clear and easy user interface, so that all stakeholders can be aware of how the tools function. It must be able to integrate with other business tools to help maximize the time spent on administrative tasks and support collaborative efforts. The software should provide basic video conferencing features to facilitate remote meetings and also page synching and laser pointers to help facilitate effective presentations and discussions. It should also have a file sharing system that allows users to upload and share documents like committee reports, factsheets, financial reports and other crucial documents. It will also allow participants to annotate documents in real time and provide an environment that allows for discussion of complex topics.

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